Mr & Mrs Spa in Chalkida

A multi-space of Wellness, Beauty, Podiatry and Cosmetology in Chalkida, fully equipped with the most modern technology and staffed by the most renowned professionals in health and beauty, welcomes you to the world of care, relaxation, aesthetic perfection!

Price list of Services

Hair Salon for Women

The hair experts of Mr & Mrs Spa will help you find what suits you and what your hair really needs. We follow the fashion trends and suggest you the ideal style for your hair. Stylish haircuts, modern hairstyles and hair colors that impress.

Hair Salon

Υπηρεσίες Κομμωτηρίου στη Χαλκίδα

Hair Salon for Women | Chalkida

Hair Salon for Women | Chalkida

Υπηρεσίες Μανικιούρ/Πεντικιούρ στη Χαλκίδα | Περιποιημένα Νύχια

Manicure & Pedicure in Chalkida

Manicure & Pedicure in Chalkida


Beautiful groomed and healthy nails are very important for a woman. Fingernails are a point that all men take care of, so you should always take care of them. Our nail experts will always keep you up to date on nail fashion trends.

Professional make up

The makeup artists of Mr & Mrs Spa are here to create an impressive morning, evening, bridal or even carnival make-up with the professional materials of the Italian company Cover Cover by Golden Bee.

Professional make up

Υπηρεσίες Μακιγιάζ στη Χαλκίδα | Επαγγελματικό Μακιγιάζ | Νυφικό Μακιγιάζ

Professional Makeup | Chalkida

Professional Makeup | Eye Lashes | Eye Brows | Chalkida

Υπηρεσίες για τον Άνδρα | Baber | Περιποίηση Άκρων | Ευεξίας & Ομορφιάς στη Χαλκίδα

Barber Services in Chalkida

Barber Services for Men

Barber for Man

The barber shop combines treatments from the past such as shaving and beard care but also more modern services such as white hair cover and more. Enjoy a set of services and renew your style and appearance.


Podiatry is a field of paramedics, which deals specifically with diseases of the upper and lower extremities. The podiatrist Stefania Efthimiou is here to help you overcome any foot-nail disease.


Ποδολόγος στη Χαλκίδα | Στεφανία Ευθυμίου

Podiatry | Chalkida

Nail & Foot Diseases Chalkida

Κέντρο Αισθητικής στη Χαλκίδα | Υπηρεσίες Αισθητικής Προσώπου & Σώματος

Facial & Body Treatments

Facial & Body Treatments

Facial & Body Treatments

The need for aesthetic care nowadays is becoming more and more necessary, since it is the opposite of the modern rhythms of everyday life, providing beauty, calm and elegance, key characteristics that compose balanced personalities.
Our specialized staff can suggest the best treatment for you.

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